Create Giving In Your Business

Discover the extraordinary potential of Impact Investing as your business becomes a beacon of social good.

We bring socially responsible businesses together with charitable impact projects to solve some of the world’s most pressing issues.

Infuse purpose (and goodness!) into your business

The world is calling for more impactful and responsible brands.


of people say they would purchase from a purpose-driven company*


of millennials are more loyal to a company that contributes to social issues.*


of people believe it’s no longer acceptable for companies to just make money.*

* Per data from

Create purpose

Turn Social Impact Into Business Impact

Elevate your organization’s social impact with curated charitable impact projects you can exclusively adopt, thoughtfully designed to align with your brand’s values and empower positive change. See how Impact Investing benefits your business.

“Doing good really is good for business.”

– Sir Richard Branson

Increase Employee Engagement

Attract, inspire and retain employees with a purpose-infused culture that gives back to causes they care about. Give your employees more than perks and a paycheck. Give them the sense of purpose and belonging they’re looking for — through giving, volunteering and positive actions.

Reward customers with moments that matter

Show customers you care with your own branded Impact Initiatives to amplify cause marketing and loyalty.

This Is What Real Impact Looks Like

Empower global change through our curated selection of Impact Projects, where your micro-impact investments, starting from less than a penny, can create meaningful transformations, from providing clean water to fighting deforestation.

Change a Child’s Life Forever With Education


From US $0.15 cents

Provide Access to Clean Water


From less than US $0.01 cent

Little Actions Make All The Difference

Integrate micro-impact investments into your everyday business. Imagine selecting a core business activity, whether it’s gross sales, a customer action, a promotional incentive or reaching an internal goal and effortlessly connecting it to the charitable impact projects that resonate with your business.

Design Your Own Charitable Impact Project

Align your everyday business activities to create meaningful change and impact.

Sales / Revenue

For every dollar of sales

we provide one liter of safe clean drinking water to families in need.


For every staff member anniversary or hire

we provide valuable training and resources for teachers.

Unleash your creativity and actively participate in shaping micro impacts and projects for your business


For every dental patient visit

we provide dental hygiene for a person in need.

product installation

For every new residential roofing job

we provide one year of shelter for a family in need.

Ready for the next step in creating giving in your business?

Doing Good is Good for Business

See the social and business impact that companies all over the world have created. When your business thrives, the world thrives alongside it.

Join our club of purpose driven brands using impact investing as a force for good.

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Benefits of Being Part of the Club

Trips and Volunteering
  • Internal purpose-driven charity in your business
  • Access to managed Impact Projects
  • Create your own branded Impact Projects
  • Customizable marketing & social media assets
  • Join our Impact Academy — coming soon
  • Resources and tools
  • Tracking & reporting
  • Trips and volunteering
  • Increase employee engagement and social impact
  • Being part of a club of socially conscious businesses

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