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An inspiring story of business success and charitable giving your audience won’t soon forget.

Calvin, our founder, would love to speak at your conference, company event or podcast, whether in-person or virtually.

He can share our engaging tale of how Club Need was created that is sure to inspire entrepreneurs and employees interested in tuning their business into a beacon of social good. His talks can cover a variety of topics including social entrepreneurship, happiness in the workplace, creating purpose in your organization and the benefits of corporate philanthropy.

Calvin is passionate about Happy Workplaces and also speaks to groups and coaches progressive entrepreneurs under his website

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It all started with a house.

In 2014, life long entrepreneur and business owner Calvin Johnson went to a fundraiser and bid on a silent auction item called, “Build homes for the poor in Nicaragua”. Little did he know, this would be the beginning of a life changing journey of micro giving and maximum impact.

Overwhelmed by the poverty and witnessing the urgent need for assistance while constructing homes near an open pit garbage dump in Nicaragua, Calvin was deeply moved. Upon returning to his office supplies and coffee business, he made a pivotal decision. Inspired to make a lasting difference, he established an internal charity called Lykki For Good, transforming his business into a beacon of social good and impactful change.