Who We Are

We bring socially responsible businesses together with charitable Impact Projects to solve some of the world’s most pressing issues.

Our Journey…. so far.

Our charitable Impact Projects have improved the lives of thousands of people and made the world a better place.

10 Years

8 Countries

100, 000, 000+ Impacts

We are Entrepreneurs

We are life long entrepreneurs and business owners who developed the Club Need model in our active businesses. We are proud to share our experiences, both successes and lessons learned, with other passionate, socially conscious businesses who care about making a positive difference in the world.

Calvin & Cam — Founders
Carlos – project manager

We Walk The Talk

We travel to some of the world’s most needy areas, putting our boots on the ground to seek out, establish, and oversee Charitable Impact Projects.

For almost a decade we have cultivated trusted relationships with our charity partners and in-country project managers, including our own dedicated on-the-ground staff.

Danny – country operations

We inspire corporate social responsibility

We partner with predominately small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to incorporate charitable giving into their existing business interactions. By doing so, we help them build a purpose driven culture and brand that resonates with their customers, suppliers and employees.

“With every cup of coffee sold, we donate a litre of safe clean water to those in need.”

Provide Access to Clean Water

Sri Lanka

From less than US $0.01 cent

Change a Deaf Child’s Life With Education


From US $0.15 cents

We make giving easy

We empower global change through our curated selection of Charitable Impact Projects, where your micro-impact investments, starting from less than a penny, can create meaningful transformations, from providing clean water to fighting deforestation.

We Manage The Impact

We offer project transparency with a suite of tracking tools and data, social media content, print assets, employee certifications and a vetted network of curated charity projects to support. Teams can even join our Impact Trips and get hands-on with projects. We guarantee it will be a life changing experience.

Ready for the next step in creating giving in your business?

It all started with a house.

In 2014, life long entrepreneur and business owner Calvin Johnson went to a fundraiser and bid on a silent auction item called, “Build homes for the poor in Nicaragua”. Little did he know, this would be the beginning of a life changing journey of micro giving and maximum impact.

Overwhelmed by the poverty and witnessing the urgent need for assistance while constructing homes near an open pit garbage dump in Nicaragua, Calvin was deeply moved. Upon returning to his office supplies and coffee business, he made a pivotal decision. Inspired to make a lasting difference, he established an internal charity called Lykki For Good, transforming his business into a beacon of social good and impactful change.

With the support of his new relationships in Nicaragua, he developed three
micro giving projects in his business:

  • One for One Water — for every dollar spent on supplies, one liter of safe clean water would be donated to people in need
  • One for One Fruit — for every piece of fruit purchased, one piece of fruit would be donated to a school food program
  • One Box — for every ton of recycled toners and electronics, one house would be built

The compelling narrative of the three projects captivated customers and employees by seamlessly integrating them into the fabric of the company’s brand and culture.

In 2016, Calvin and his friend Cam founded a travel company with a unique purpose: to empower business owners and their teams through immersive experiences in Nicaragua. By constructing homes and engaging in corporate social giving, they aimed to create a meaningful impact. During these trips, inspired guests witnessed the harsh realities of poverty and expressed a desire to replicate a giving program within their own businesses. Calvin, managing the charitable projects for his business, enthusiastically welcomed their request. Soon, the tight-knit club of businesses and entreprenures amplified their charitable impact, surpassing Calvin’s expectations for helping those in need. Club Need was born!

The legacy of Club Need began with building one house and a desire to make a difference in the world, and today it continues to inspire other socially responsible businesses to create internal purpose driven impact initiatives under their own roof.

In 2021, after three decades of leading his company, Calvin made a profound decision. He sold his business and redirected his resources towards Club Need, driven by a burning passion to address the world’s most urgent challenges. Calvin’s mission was clear: to forge connections between corporate donors and high-impact charity projects. Presently, Calvin and his dedicated team embark on journeys to some of the most impoverished regions worldwide. Their purpose? To seek out, establish, and oversee Charitable Impact Projects that resonate with their vision. These projects offer corporate donors the remarkable opportunity to harness the power of their businesses, fostering engaged employees, loyal customers, and a better world—one impact at a time.

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