How Club Need Works

See how Club Need is turning social impact Into business impact

Would you like to infuse more purpose (and Goodness!) into your business?

Whether your business is new to Impact Investing or are an established purpose-driven brand looking to elevate your organization’s social impact, Club Need can offer something unique. We partner with small and medium-sized enterprises, helping them integrate our curated charitable impact projects into their existing marketing, operations, and processes. By doing so, they amplify a more purpose-driven culture and brand that resonates deeply with customers, suppliers, and employees.

Assess The Good You Can Do

Select causes and impacts you care about.

Connect A Cause To Your Business

Create a branded giving campaign based on your impact goals.

Engage Your Team And Customers

Attract and inspire stakeholders with a purpose-infused culture.

Measure Your Impact

Achieve your Corporate Social Responsibility Goals with verified impact.

Step 1:
Identify a cause you care about

Choosing a cause you care about should reflect the values of your company and your customers. Every Club Need cause creates measurable progress toward achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Reduce 10 Pounds Of CO2 In The Environment


From less than US $0.07 cents

Give the gift of Sight


From US $0.19 cents

Step 2:
Select A Micro Impact

Starting from less than a penny, your business can create meaningful transformation towards the causes you choose to support.

Step 3:
Design Your Charitable Impact Project

We help embed charitable impact projects into your everyday business. Imagine selecting a core business activity, whether it’s gross sales, a customer action, a promotional incentive or reaching an internal goal and effortlessly connecting it to your company’s own branded charitable impact projects that resonate with your business. Your business can turn any action into an opportunity to improve lives — all for as little as one cent.

Sales / Revenue

For every dollar of sales

we provide one liter of safe clean drinking water to families in need.

product installation

For every new residential roofing job

we provide one year of shelter for a family in need.


For every dental patient visit

we provide dental hygiene for a person in need.


For every staff member anniversary or hire

we provide valuable training and resources for teachers.

Order stuffers and postcards

Share your impact with customers and staff

Step 4:
Bring Your Impact Project to Life

Establish your purpose-driven brand and embed it across your organization. We’ve got the experience you need to launch a compelling cause marketing campaign that engages your employees and customers from awareness to advocacy.

Step 5:
Engage your employees

Give your employees more than perks and a paycheck. Give them the sense of purpose and belonging they’re looking for — through giving, volunteering and positive actions. Let your team know they are part of something special.

Pitch deck slides

Step 6:
Deepen Connections With Your Customers

Empower your customers to engage with your mission at every touchpoint. Authenticity and consistency are vital to developing a purpose-driven brand and rising above the noise of your competitors. Incorporate your chosen impact campaigns across your marketing content, from post-purchase emails, loyalty programs, heart felt Thank-You certificates and more.

Customer Appreciation Certificates

Step 7:
Doing good is an investment

Not only do micro-giving activities align with corporate social responsibility goals, but they can also have a significant financial benefit for business success. Increased customer acquisition, employee retention and higher profit are all proven benefits of a well managed corporate social responsibility program.

Step 8:
Measure Your Impact

We offer project transparency with a suite of tracking tools and data, social media content, marketing assets, reports and employee certifications to help support your internal charitable impact initiative.

Active Management = Maximum Impact

We travel the world to ensure our projects are achieving maximum impact. For almost a decade we have cultivated trusted relationships with our charity partners and in-country project managers, including our own dedicated on-the-ground staff.

Integrations & Automation

Whether you want to track planting a tree for every new client, or funding a pair of eye glasses for every pair you sell, our Impact API is at your disposal. Your business will be able to use our integrations with Zapier or directly with our API. Soon you’ll be able to share your Charitable Impact Initiatives with real time impact counters and dashboards on your website, mobile or any one of the 5,000 apps Zapier supports.

Step 9:
Club Need ongoing support

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