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A micro impact refers to the smallest measurable unit of positive change that can be achieved through our charitable projects. It represents the tangible and quantifiable outcome resulting from a specific initiative. At Club Need, we break down projects into their essential components, such as providing clean water for a day or offering shelter to a family. Each micro impact is carefully calculated, considering factors like project duration, number of beneficiaries, and cost. By selecting and supporting specific micro impacts, companies can actively contribute to causes that matter to them and create a lasting positive impact.

Micro Impacts represent the smallest measurable units of positive change stemming from our charitable projects. At Club Need, we deconstruct initiatives like providing clean water for a day or sheltering a family into these essential components. Each micro impact is meticulously calculated, factoring in project duration, beneficiaries, and cost. We intentionally keep the cost of micro impacts minimal, making it affordable for businesses to create a meaningful impact. By choosing micro impacts like providing a liter of clean water for less than a cent, companies seamlessly integrate social impact into daily operations, creating a collective ripple effect for meaningful change without substantial expenses.

Integrate micro-impact investments into your everyday business. Imagine selecting a core business activity, whether it’s gross sales, a customer action, a promotional incentive or reaching an internal goal and effortlessly connecting it to the charitable impact projects that resonate with your business.

Some examples include:

  1. For every dollar in sales, your company pledges to donate a litre of safe clean water to those in need.
  2. For every staff anniversary or new hire, your company provides school supplies to a child.
  3. For every new order, your company pledges to save one sea turtle.

Club Need member companies are in total control of their Charitable Impact Investing. You decide and customize the causes and projects you want to support based on your company’s interests.

We are fully hands on with each project we manage, and this makes all the difference. At Club Need, our in-house Impact Team maintains an in-depth due diligence process to ensure our projects are creating maximum impact.

We actively monitor our projects, receiving and reviewing reports of progress and undertaking spot checks during site visits our team undertakes on the ground.

All impact projects we choose have the highest chance of success, efficacy and local support. In addition, each project must align with one or more of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

All of this leaves us confident that the projects you support are having a real impact and generating rippling benefits for the communities in which they take place.

Club Need is able to reach more projects in some of the most remote places around the world through our very select network of Charity Partners. These partners are local organizations working in communities to vet projects, disburse funds, deliver projects, and provide reporting and media update services.

When it comes to our partners, our strict due diligence and partner onboarding process covers a wide range of criteria which our partners must meet before we bring them onboard. This includes drilling down on the type and quality of projects they do; how they handle risks on the ground, how they prioritize social impact, equity and fairness, reputation, credentials, and expertise. We also actively monitor our projects centrally, receiving and reviewing reports of project progress and undertaking spot checks during the site visits our team undertakes on the ground.

We do not issue tax receipts.

Consider impact investing as a marketing expense. Using marketing expenses to fund CSR initiatives can be a strategic and impactful approach for businesses. It combines the benefits of revenue generation, competitive advantage, and tax efficiency with the fulfillment of social responsibility. Something much more valuable than a charitable receipt.

Donation Management:

Donations collected by Club Need are managed and distributed to our vetted projects. Our primary preference is to work directly with our project managers and staff on the ground, ensuring that donations create the most significant impact. In some cases, we collaborate with local NGOs to deliver project impacts, but rest assured, we maintain complete oversight and direction to avoid unnecessary added costs.

Project Operational Expenses:

Project operational expenses encompass various goods and services essential for delivering impact projects. These include expenses such as labor for building houses, purchasing inventory such as water filters, stoves, turtle eggs, or building materials, as well as shipping, transportation, site audits, and outreach expenses to promote and manage our projects.

Funds Distribution:

Club Need distributes funds monthly to our charitable projects. Upon receiving funding, our project manager or charity partner will be closely monitored to allocate the funds to the associated charitable project activities. This typically occurs under 30 days from the date of funding, unless we’ve previously agreed on alternative arrangements.

Contingency Fund:

Club Need builds a contingency fund for each project, ensuring its long-term viability. This fund serves to cover special project requirements and gaps in support from impact investors.

We are committed to transparency and efficiency in managing donations, ensuring that your support makes a lasting difference in the lives of those we serve.

No, we’re a for-profit socially conscious organization. When we started Club Need, we realized that if we became a charity and relied solely on donations and government grants, then we wouldn’t be able to reach the global scale of impact that we’re intending to achieve. We feel a thriving and self-sustaining business model is more attractive to the impact investors and charitable partners that benefit from our mission of connecting socially responsible companies with charitable projects to create one billion impacts by 2030.

At Club Need, we sustain our operations through various sources of revenue, including:

1. Club Need Goods and Services:

  • Impact Trips, Giving Trips and EO/YPO Forum Trips
  • Speaking, Coaching and Consulting
  • Custom Print and Promotional Products
  • Corporate Gift and Rewards Fulfillment
  • Club Need Coffee
  • Marketing, Web and Media Services
  • Impact Academy Memberships

2. Project Operational Expenses:

Project operational expenses are essential for delivering impact projects. These costs are integrated into each micro-impact project we undertake and include expenses such as staffing, transportation, site audits, and outreach to promote and manage our projects.

3. Private Donors:

Since our inception, a dedicated group of generous private donors has played a crucial role in partially funding our operating expenses. They provide not only financial support but also serve as steadfast advocates for our cause.

4. Additional Revenue Sources:

We also generate revenue through affiliate programs and earn interest on our bank accounts.

These diverse revenue sources enable us to continue our mission of creating meaningful impact in the world.

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