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With our Club Need projects, you can trust that you’re making a real difference.

  • Know Where Your Impact Investments Are Going — Decide exactly what you want to support and why.
  • Choose Your Impact — Support projects you care about, from clean water to turtle conservation.
  • Support Real People — See that you’re making a positive impact in someones life.
  • Do A Lot With A Little — Make a big impact, even if you don’t have a lot to invest.
  • Maximum Impact — Club Need oversees every project.

People Projects

With nearly 690 million people suffering from hunger globally, and 2.2 billion lacking access to clean water and sanitation facilities, our People Projects address the fundamental needs of individuals and communities. By supporting these projects, your business can make a direct and tangible impact on eradicating poverty, improving health outcomes, promoting equality, and ensuring everyone has access to basic resources and opportunities they deserve.

Provide Access to Clean Water

Sri Lanka

From less than US $0.01 cent

Give the gift of Sight


From US $0.19 cents

Feed a student lunch for a day


From US $0.50 cents

Support Doctor’s visits to remote villages


From US $13.46 per person

Prosperity Projects

With over 700 million people living in extreme poverty worldwide, and a staggering 2 billion people lacking access to basic financial services, our Prosperity Projects address the urgent need for inclusive growth and sustainable urbanization. By supporting these projects, your business can create opportunities for individuals to escape poverty, promote equitable economic development, and foster resilient and inclusive communities.

Give shelter to families in need


From US $0.38 cents

Support job creation for the blind and hearing impaired


From US $1.00 dollar

Develop afterschool community center programs


From US $0.21 cents

Fund livestock programs for food and profit


From US $0.38 cents

Planet Projects

With over 800 million people lacking access to electricity, and approximately 8 million tons of plastic entering the oceans each year, our Planet Projects address the urgent need to transition to clean energy sources, promote responsible consumption, mitigate climate change, protect marine ecosystems, and preserve terrestrial biodiversity. By supporting these projects, your company can contribute to the preservation of our planet, ensuring a sustainable future for generations to come.

Save sea turtles by supporting a nursery


From US $0.57 cents

Plant a tree


From US $0.45 cents

Reduce 10 pounds of CO2 in the environment


From less than US $0.07 cents

Provide access to sustainable energy and lighting


From less than US $0.01 cents

Partnership Projects

With approximately 265 million children out of school globally, and billions of people lacking access to basic infrastructure, these Partnership Projects address the urgent need to ensure inclusive and equitable education, foster sustainable industrialization, promote peace, justice, and strong institutions, and foster global partnerships. By supporting these projects, your company can help provide quality education for all, drive innovation and infrastructure development, promote peace and justice, and facilitate global cooperation for a more prosperous and sustainable future.

Provide access to education through transportation


From US $0.35 cents

Unlock education for every child


From less than US $0.15 cents

Remove barriers to legal and business advice


From less than US $2.79 dollars

Change a deaf’s child life with education


From US $0.15 cents

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