This is where we work

Club Need partners with local organizations and citizens, providing the support they need to bring impact projects to their communities. Use the map below to explore the countries where we work.

  • Guatemala
  • Honduras
  • Nicaragua
  • Sri Lanka
  • India
  • Ethiopia
  • Rwanda
  • Tanzania
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Where does clubNeed work?

We currently work in eight countries around the world: Nicaragua, Guatemala, Honduras, Sri Lanka, India, Ethiopia, Rwanda, and Tanzania. Our employees and location partners in each country know the culture and language of the communities we serve.

We began with our first country in 2014, Nicaragua, and today many of our impact projects originate there. Based on funding, travel logistics and partner relationships, have found that a targeted approach in a limited number of countries is more effective and efficient.

How does ClubNeed choose where to work?

Club Need performs a detailed data collection and analysis of any new areas where we are considering working. At this time, there are no new countries being considered, but we are actively starting work in new districts in the countries where we already work.

When new areas are considered, we research overall need, community motivation, costs, the availability of a trustworthy country partner, the support of local government, and a safe environment. To ensure project sustainability, Club Need requires a commitment from the charity partners and communities that will benefit from the impact projects.

Club Needs’ country teams consistently monitor the progress of all impact projects, providing reports on goal achievements and gathering media assets.

our impact … so far

10 Years • 8 Countries • 100,000,000+ Impacts

Our Charitable Impact Projects have improved the lives of thousands of people and made the world a better place.

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